What is the distressed leather ?

Distressed leather is a full grain and oil tanned leather , full grain means it is the best grade leather and oil tanned process determine the characteristics of distressed leather.

The oil content make the leather soft and pliable , the worn , beautifully aged look due to the waxes and oils applied during the finishing process. We like to use distressed leather for a number of reasons.
vintage brown distressed leather
First of all, it is full grain grade leather , in other words, just full grain leather could be processed to high quality distressed leather , which have a worn and aged appearance with natural characteristics of the hide such as healed scars, scratches, and wrinkles are considered a positive characteristic.

Second, distressed leather have an ability to restore the scratch marks , when you get a scratch on your distressed leather goods , you could rub the area with scratch by using your thumb , for some heavy scratch , you could smear some leather care wax to rub ,and it will disappear.

Lastly,there is less maintenance for distressed leather. you do not need upkeep it from time to time, it requires far less than most leather. because the oil present in the hide stays healthy and clean without any necessary moisturizing over time.

We are a fan of distressed leather, as you can see, most of our leather goods are made of distressed leather , we love its worn and natural appearance so much !

Please feel free to check our distressed leather goods if you would like a unique leather gifts for him or her !


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