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Custom Order 2 for Beth Nelson
1. Based on the item in the pic sent by email 2. Quantity : 5 3. Use gray oil tanned leather  4. The unfolded size of the leather cover is 13 1/8” x 9 3/16” 5. The size of inner pockets are...
Custom Order 2 for George Soublis
1.Based on the item in the pics sent via email.   make the wallet in the size of the pic sent by customer,the actual size may have a bit difference due to the hand-stitching work. 2.Use black distressed leather and black...
Custom Order 2 For Vincent Morrow
1. Based on the item in the link https://dmleatherstudio.com/collections/ipad-macbook-case-collection/products/hand-stitched-leather-cover-portfolio-for-ipad-mini-5?variant=39278483308609 2. Fit for 2020 Fire HD8 3. Quantity: 1 pieces 4. Engraving : logo sent by email 5. Shipping Service:  Express
Custom order BASE ON MACX05DS for James
BASE ON Handmade full grain leather macbook case MACX05DS Fit for new surface book 3 15'' /size 343mm x 251mm x 23mm Processing Time:   Your order will be shipped in 1~3 days
Custom order for Cathy Blanch
Two covers
Custom Order for Davis Fox
1. Based on the item in the link https://dmleatherstudio.com/products/rustic-distressed-brown-leather-shoulder-messenger-bag 2. the width and the height of the bag is remain the same,the overall depth needs to be between 8 & 10cm,as we make it all by hand stitching, there may be slightdifference...
Custom Order for Jamie Penaluna
1. Based on the item in the link https://dmleatherstudio.com/collections/leather-travel-journal-collection/products/vintage-a5-leather-organizer-agenda-refillable-binder-diary-travel-journal 2. Change the 2cm rings binder to 3cm rings binder in silver color. 3. Make the closure like the one in the pic I sent,make the strap a bit longer than it...
Custom order for Marlin, J B
1.No pen sleeve and do not open the slot. 2. Fit for your bible which size is 7" x 9 5/8" x 1 1/2". 4By the way,our case could only be able to insert the back cover
Custom Order for Paul Larson
1. Based on the item in the pic sent by email.    There is a divider in the middle of the  folder.    The front of the folder has the cut as described in the pic. 2.Use vegetable tanned leather...
Custom Order for Terri Ulrich
1. Based on the design of the purse in the pic via email. 2. Make it with distresseed brown leather and white thread. 3. Dimensions: about 16.5cm tall x 14cm wide x 5cm 4. Add a small leather piece as...
Custom order for TJ Ooi
 fit a Rhodia 16X21cm 80 page book as well as small bible ( maybe where the ipad is located in the picture. The bible is small, but quite thick, around 2cm.( bible dimension =  17 cm X 12.5 cm X...
Custom Order for A5 binder journal
1. based on the item in the link https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33010132014.html 2. fit your paper size 14.8cm x 21.0cm 3. remove the snap button closure 4. no refilled paper 5. engrave the logo in the middle up to the top of the front cover...
Custom Order for Alberto C
1. Based on the design of the item in the link https://dmleatherstudio.com/products/vintage-leather-cover-for-a6-notebook-travel-journal2. Made with light brown vegetable tanned leather3. Add a snap button for closure4. The pen holder style : one long loop5. The leather cover somes with a 14cm...
Custom order for Andrew Najera
CH056V , 95 pcs , engrave CLC in font ... on all of them, deliver before Fathers Day-------------------------------------------------------CH056V , 95个,每个都刻字 CLC 字体 ,特快, 父亲节前要收到发样不刻字,刻在废皮上,刻字P图确认大小
Custom Order for Arie
Custom Order for Arie
1. Based on the item in the link https://www.etsy.com/listing/1019062565/personalized-vintage-leather-sheet-music 2.Make the left side pocket of the item Z05-LMF05S like the item NA405BS, keep the two pen holders and a card slot like the base model. 3. Make 4 cover kraft boards...
Custom Order for Arthur Foister
1.Based on the item (B5 size, no pen sleeve) in the link https://dmleatherstudio.com/products/personalized-distressed-leather-cover-for-notebook?_pos=1&_sid=06f0f6047&_ss=r&variant=30298908033089 2.quantity: 99 pieces 3.engrave the logo at the bottom right corner of the front cover like the sample 4.the parcel should be delivered by 28th July. 5.express shipping
Custom Order for Beth Nelson
1. Based on the item in the pic sent by email 2. Quantity : 6 3. Use gray oil tanned leather  4. The unfolded size of the leather cover is 13 1/8” x 9 3/16” 5. The size of inner pockets are...
Custom Order for Brandon Russell
1. Based on the checkbook cover in the link https://dmleatherstudio.com/products/personalized-leather-checkbook-covers-with-pen-holder?_pos=1&_sid=1264b7ceb&_ss=r 2. Fit the checkbook in size 3"x 6" x 1/8" 3. without pen holder 4. engraving service
Custom Order for Brendan Seely
1. Based on the item in the link https://dmleatherstudio.com/products/leather-business-portfolio-3-ring-binder-for-letter-size-3-hole-8-5-x-11-refill-paper?_pos=1&_sid=d250d2396&_ss=r 2. Remove the pocket and pen holder 3.Engrave the logo sent by email
Custom Order For Chris Peuleke
Based on the item in the link https://dmleatherstudio.com/collections/leather-binder/products/leather-a5-leather-ring-binder-notebook-cover-refillable-journal?variant=31764129616 quantity: 8 pieces blank paper, snap closure personalized: logo sent by email