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Custom Order for Kari J Laitinen

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A leather case for a razor and a shaving brush 

・Based on the item in the link

・the size of the razor and the shaving brush 

 Overall length 11 cm
Knot length 5 cm
Handle length 6 cm
Handle diameter 3 cm
Knot diameter 5 cm
Overall length 11,5 cm
Handle diameter (widest point in the middle of the handle) 2,2 cm
Razor head wide 4 cm
・oil tanned leather in brown
・the closing knpb due to the request
・engrave the initials KLA at the bottom right cover of the front case.

Customer Reviews

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Kari Laitinen
A Lovely bespoke case

I ordered a bespoke hand made travel case for my safety razor and brush. What A wonderful surprice it was when I opened the box. An excellently crafted case. Materials and craftmanship just perfect. DM -leather really managed to fullfill my idea and they took an extra mile to reach the super quality. I have been ordering products directly from list. This was the first time I suggested something "unknown" and it really was worth of an effort. Product is not a copy, it is inspired by an excisting product, but solutions are designed and created by DM -leathers artisans and it is unique. I am really happy and satisfied with my purchase