Heavy duty solid brass rings no seam

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inner diameter *

1 PCS Heavy duty solid brass O ring for tool belts, backpacks, leatherworking or other DIY Craft Projects
☛ Our Brass hardware will really bring a sign of quality to your work or handcraft product !
☛ 100% premium solid brass with high quality thick plating , NOT common zinc alloy !
☛ No any oxidation, discoloration, or scratches on the brass !

Inside Diameter & Material Thickness:
76mm / 3 inch thickness : 8mm
64mm / 2.55 inch thickness : 6mm
50mm / 2 inch thickness : 6mm
38mm / 1.5 inch thickness : 6mm
32mm / 1.26 inch thickness : 5mm
26mm / 1.02 inch thickness : 5mm
20mm / 0.79 inch thickness : 3mm
16mm / 0.63 inch thickness : 3mm

Please choose the size you need, if there is any question , pls feel free to write us ,thank you .

Color: Gold

Processing Time:
Ready to ship in 1-2 business days.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

I bought the 2.55 inch brass ring and it is PERFECT!!!! beautiful, heavy duty, high quality. i only bought one just in case i didn’t like it, and to test out using it to make something for my small business… turns out, it’s PERFECT for what i need it for so i will be returning to order more to use for my small business. i was able to make a BEAUTIFUL rose quartz crystal car charm using this.

Moishe Ben-shir

Arrived safe and sound, nice weight to it, and well suited to my project. Thanks!