How to care for distressed leather


Distressed Leather is a sort of full grain leather with artificially aged using various techniques, natural imperfections in hide like scars and wrinkles have it a rough look , it is easy to maintain distressed leather product, to be honest , it really don't require any special tools and leather conditioner, we just need to follow some steps below to care for distressed leather product .

oil tanned leather

1. Keep Away From Water

As i mention , distressed leather is full grain leather that lack of protective coating like water repellent, so it’s even more crucial to keep your distressed leather product away from water , if you accidentally splash water or liquid like cola or coffee ( it's really bad ~~) , wipe it at once with tissue paper or water-absorbing cloth , BUT just please blot it , DO NOT rub, it may push the water deep into the leather. then Let the water evaporate by itself because that will cause the least amount of damage. after that , you'd better apply wax or mink oil.

2. Clean Dirt And Grime On Leather

Just need to wipe the dirt and grime on distressed leather with a clean cloth , In my personal opinion, it is a dispensable process for distressed leather , we just need to do so before applying wax.

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3. Apply Wax On Distressed Leather

It is an important action to apply wax to distressed leather product after some weeks use . it will MOISTURIZE your leather to protect it from crackle , and make your distressed leather feel and look , for distressed leather, you just need to use nature leather wax , no need any conditioner .

Mink oil is also a good alternative for getting your distressed leather nicely moisturized ,we usually apply mink oil on all of our product before it be packaged , i don't like chemical conditioner , treat the natural full grain leather with natural way.

how to apply wax on leather


Some other tips to keep your distressed leather product from damage

✔ Don't leave your distressed leather product in direct sunlight

✔ Don't stuff your distressed leather product with newspaper

✔ Don't use water to clean stains on leather


  • Posted on by Kanthini

    Hi there, what is nature leather wax? A brand? Or do you mean natural leather wax?

  • Posted on by Thom

    Really nice product. Quick delivery and made with care. Fits snugly and looks wonderfully rustic and olde worlde. Highly recommended.

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    I have just received my iPhone genuine leather, hand stitched phone wallet. It is better than the photo, and exactly what I wanted. The stitching and general leather craftsmanship is outstanding. If this is how all D & M leatherwork is, on all products, then I can highly recommend their work. I definitely will shop here again!
  • Posted on by Gibbons David Christopher
    Just finished putting together my new tool tote bag. Great product, great craftsmanship. I’ll be using this bag for a long time!
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    I am thrilled to recommend this company – their design and workmanship (in my case it was workwomanship), their customer service and code of conduct in making sure that I was completely satisfied with my agenda. The agenda I purchased turned out to be bigger than I’d expected. When I wrote to the company, they immediately offered to make me a new one to my specifications . . . and to just keep the larger one. They sent me the new, smaller one quickly and I am still stunned. They responded immediately to my questions. I measured my previous agenda, paper size, ring size. It is just right. It looks like I’ve had it and cared for lovingly for years. The leather is exquisite.

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