• How to dye leather

    How to dye leather

    "Dive into the Art of Leather Dyeing: A Guide to Unique Techniques and Vibrant Creations" Leather dyeing is an ancient craft that transforms the simple beauty of leather into a canvas of endless possibilities. This guide delves into the sophisticated world of leather dyeing, exploring innovative methods that range from traditional wax printing to the intricate marble paste dyeing technique. Whether you're a seasoned...
  • Shaping of leather handicrafts

    Shaping of leather handicrafts

    Introduction Delve into the intricate world of leather art with our guide on the transformative process of shaping. Harnessing the remarkable plasticity of vegetable tanned leather, artisans breathe life into their creations, infusing them with visual splendor and ingenuity. We unfold the subtle art of leather carving techniques and modeling, revealing how hands, tools, and even molds are used to sculpt this versatile material...
  • Basic Steps of Tang Grass Pattern Leather Carving

    Basic Steps of Tang Grass Pattern Leather Carving

    Carving is the foundation of decorative techniques in leather art, but it is also the ultimate skill in leather art. It mainly requires the maker to repeatedly practice and operate the tools proficiently in order to carve extremely exquisite patterns. The carved patterns look very complex, but as long as you learn the basic methods of using rotary knives and printing tools, practice makes...