Personalized leather anniversary gifts - Custom leather book cover

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This article is NOT a tutorial of how to make a leather cover for notebook , It just share some experience and feeling when we handmade a leather book cover as a leather anniversary gifts and show you some main steps that how an personalized leather book cover is made in D&M Leather Studio, especially the cool process of hand sewing .

personalized leather portfolio

personalized leather portfolio

First of all, one of the basic questions : Why we need a leather book cover for a planner or notebook ?

✔ keep your brand notebook in good condition no matter the circumstances , make sure your brand planner journal could deal with everyday threats in the mess of your bag .

✔ it may have your notebook or planner more functional, like a leather organizer , can store small notes ,pen ,pencil ,credit card and some other gadgets

✔ it have your notebook and you looks so stylish , meantime the full grain leather will age beautifully by time goes, it would give the extra meaning to your notebook .

1. Cutting leather

We cut the leather with an acrylic board which have an certain pattern and size , usually we do not use the paper with pattern that you could get it on a online-store easily , you may get a rough cutting edge with paper trace and cutting way . To a start-up workshop , sometimes you may take more times to look for a board in workshop than cutting , so it is important to sort them well and put wherever they belongs .

2. Mate up the leather piece together with glue

Put glue then let it dry and connect the parts , the glue would avoid the displacement for two leather pieces during the process of stitch hole punching .

3. Hand punch

Hand punch the Sewing holes and round edge

hand punch

4. Hand sewing the leather portfolio

hand sewing leather portfolio

Why we honor and insist on sewing our leather product by hand ?

Leather sewing machines commonly use the "lock stitch" , If just one loop of a lock stitch is broken, the other side will automatically be loosened, often this process of unraveling will continue until the entire product is ruined. for hand stitched leather product, it will not unravel if one stitch is broken because of its special construction from saddle stitch that only is achieved by hand! Though slower, hand sewing is superior to machine sewing. It is the best way to sew leather together,the hand stitched leather product will be more durable and stand the test of time !!

5. Finishing touches

We usually sand down the edge of a finished leather goods, making sure they are as smooth as possible, , but we don't burnish the oil tanned leather , after some months use,the edge of oil tanned leather goods would looks like one layer of leather if the leather good have a good cutting and mate up . but we would do it on vegetable tanned leather goods, you may get a great result quickly after burnishing the edge of vegetable tanned leather with beeswax .

6. Personalized

Personalized the leather book cover with a logo or initials as leather anniversary gifts for him or her are sure to please! we usually engrave the finished leather book cover as the last step of process , sometimes it looks wonderful unexpectedly for some unique logo!

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  • Posted on by Elena hopp

    Ich hatte heute ein Leder Umschlag bei Ihnen bestellt… Konnte aber nirgendwo ein Feld finden um meine Personalisierungswünsche einzutragen.

    Wollte dunkelbraunes Leder und folgende Maße 17,7×24,7×4,6
    Wenn es möglich wäre auf der Vorderseite unten ganz klein folgende Initialien P. P und auf der Rückseite “… and he is with you wherever you are”

    Bei Rückfragen melden Sie sich bitte
    Mfg Elena Hopp

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